Holy Llama

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Holy Llama is a creative bakery whose goal is to help you uncover the unparalleled flavors of plant-based food

Our signature croissants, puff pastries, delicious fillings, sweet and salty, traditional and modern recipes, are living proof that plant-based options are tastier than you ever imagined.

Our team
Meet the women behind Holy Llama


Bakeries have been Erietta’s home – far from home – for years. She always starts her day with a Thessaloniki bagel called “koulouri”. She is an animal rights activist and passionate vegan, who believes that in today’s world – where our choices are abundant, it is unethical to still eat animals. A true foodie like Kellina, the two have combined their tastes to create an end product that will cater to everyone’s needs.


The heart and soul of Holy Llama, Kellina runs the business daily, constantly inspiring our team with her love, dedication and creativity. She is the brains behind each of our initiatives and the one who came up with the idea in the first place. Her love for high – quality, tasty food guarantees that every recipe that is served at Holy will leave you begging for more.

“Holy is here to help you forget all your probllamas”