Holy Llama Menu

At Holy Llama all of our products are handmade. Our goal is to offer a complete dining experience or a tasty snack for those who are rushing to their next meeting.


Puffy croissant doughs, cruffins, and a bunch menu complete with everything your heart desires await you. Ask for our “famous” pistachio wonder wheel, a round croissant filled with delicious pistachio paste and patisserie cream. Discover the cruffin and croissant of the month, created with the season’s most nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Pies n’ such

Freshly baked, savory, handmade pies, tarts, and puffs, complement the variety of products we offer. Our pies follow an unbroken rule: that of seasonality. We only use fresh ingredients, which will introduce you to a world of new flavors and textures that you will remember for years to come.

Baked Goods

The most popular classic and modern viennoiserie recipes are served with a Holy Llama twist. Cookies, tarts, brioche, babka, buns – all handmade and fresh, are baked daily exclusively for you.

All day Brunch

Imagination, creativity, and high-quality ingredients rest behind every sweet and savory dish we serve. From early morning until late in the afternoon, we offer an array of options for breakfast, brunch, light lunch & early dinner, giving you the opportunity to enjoy feel–good meals, that are sure to capture your heart.


Choose between your favorite coffee and a complete meal in the form of a filling smoothie. Unique recipes and raw materials of the highest quality, become the foundation for creating refreshing specialty coffees and refreshing smoothies, superfood lattes, well-being herbal teas, and freshly squeezed juices.

Light Lunch

Holy Llama’s early lunch will rejuvenate you and captivate you with the simplicity and sophistication of plant-based flavors. We carefully select the finest plant-based ingredients to offer you tastes that awaken your senses and bring you closer to nature and yourself. Enjoy your favorite early lunch in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Raw Food/Vegan

We invite you to start a gastronomic journey with our plant-based dishes. Rooted in our philosophy of offering nutritious and sustainable vegan cuisine, our menu showcases the lively flavors and textures of nature. Each dish is meticulously crafted to harmoniously combine healthy ingredients that please the senses.

The process of creating food is sacred to us. Our raw ingredients are of the highest quality, our breads and spreads are organic and we do not use ready-made doughs or mixes. Everything is made from scratch, with love and respect for the consumer, the animals, and the environment.

100% Plant Based

We are dedicated to producing high-quality products, using only the best ingredients and baking methods.

Passion & Innovation

We work closely with all our suppliers to ensure that everything we offer meets your needs and gives you an unparalleled experience.

Daily freshness

All our products are manufactured daily with the highest standards and are handmade and freshly baked.