Deliveries & Returns

Use of the Website

– Scope of work, uses and purposes: HOLY LLAMA allows the private use of any element posted on the Website, such as indicative texts, photos, graphics, videos, images, etc. (hereinafter referred collectively as “the Content”), in the provided forms, and consents to the printing, copying and storage (downloading) of Website Content exclusively and solely to support the operation of the Company’s online store and the execution of contracts outside of its commercial store and specifically sales of retail goods electronically, i.e. directly to individuals (retail), or wholesale to professionals, for the purpose of reselling them to the consumer (wholesale), i.e. through third parties, and/or for the purposes of commercial promotion and promotion of its products / services (“brand awareness” & “marketing” ), and/or for communication in general, and/or informational purposes. In these cases of use, the HOLY LLAMA Website must always be cited as the source of the Content, as well as the names of the authors (if they appear on the Website), provided that the relevant industrial or intellectual property rights, intellectual property, as well as the applicable personal data protection legislation are not infringed in any way. It is clarified that some files or data may be the intellectual property of third parties (partners, etc.) and cannot be used without their permission, which should be sought by the interested party – User, bearing his/her own responsibility.

-Methods of Payment: For the execution of sales electronically, outside the Company’s commercial store, the price is paid either by depositing into the Company’s bank account or by using a debit or credit card of the Banks / Financial Institutions in collaboration with the Company and/or through online payment applications (paypal). It is clarified that the information in question is not collected / stored / preserved in any way, and it is managed by a recognized payment provider (“payment provider”). The legal document for the collection of the price is issued by the Company’s commercial store during its operating hours, it is not sent automatically when the order is placed, but it can also be sent electronically, at a time subsequent to the order, if this is requested during the submission of the order.

– Cancellation Policy / Withdrawal: The User may cancel the order at any time before payment of the price and as long as the product delivery process has not started. In this context, the Company takes care to complete the deliveries of the products on time and in a reasonable time, depending on the category of products ordered through the Website. In the event that the delivery process of the products has not started but the payment of the price has been executed, then the Company undertakes the obligation to return the price, as long as it is informed on time about the cancellation of a specific order. Depending on the category of products, the consumer has the right to withdraw unreasonably within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving the product in accordance with Law 2251/1994, as amended by K.Y.A. Z1-891/2013 and is in force today (Law 4933/2022 article 17). In this case, any refund will be made in exactly the same way as the payment was made (e.g. for payment of a price by payment to a bank account, the refund is made to the same bank account, while for payment by card the corresponding amount is credited to the relevant card).

– Prohibitions: The use of the HOLY LLAMA Website, in its entirety or part of its Content by any third party other than the Company, for commercial purposes or purposes related to financial gain, or for any other use, is expressly prohibited.

– Cost of Navigation and connection: The User’s access to the Website, his/her navigation on it and the use of its Content are free of charge. However, the User bears the cost of his/her Internet connection.